Coed Baby Shower

What is a coed baby shower?

When we tend to think about baby showers we think of an all girl affair. But that isn’t always the case. And many young couples are opting for a more coed approach to their baby shower.

Before when we thought about a shower it was almost always exclusively something “women did.” Child care and other activities were seen as something for women and thus a shower celebrating this “girly” activities was somehow un-masculine. And so they were taboo. Of course the taboo was on both sides. Many women thought that having men at any type of shower was a break with tradition and strongly opposed their participation.

Thankfully with more fathers taking an active role in their children’s lives the trend to shun the baby shower has fallen away. That said. The advent of the coed couples baby shower was long overdue.

So what is a couples baby shower?

As the name suggest it is simply a shower that the couple celebrates together. And they do so as a “team” in preparation for the arrival of their child.

This strengthens the bond and makes couple stronger as they go forward with the task that is to come.

And before you ask. Coed showers are almost always more fun than the “traditional type”.