Baby Shower

What is a baby shower, and what do I need to know about celebrating a coed shower?

First there are only a few minor differences when it comes to a traditional baby over a couples baby shower. And while they are only small differences they do tend to play a big role in how the overall shower will be organized.

We are going to look at a number of those differences and see how you can avoid making common mistakes when it comes to celebrating a baby shower in mixed company.

One of the most common mistakes that you could make is to ignore the fact that you are celebrating a baby shower in the first place. What that means is that when people start to the plan a coed baby shower they start to ignore the fact that it is supposed to celebrate the arrival of a new member of society. And it is a means for the parents to prepare for the coming task of raising a child.

Instead they will simply plan a “party” with a few cursory trappings to make it “baby themed.” While this might be OK for some it isn’t really the idea and you should at least put some effort into the baby aspect of the party.

Another of the common traps that a shower planner will encounter is the all too common “woman’s baby shower” with men on the side. Instead of focusing on the gendered aspect of the celebration you should focus on making it a blend of the two sexes, This will help ensure that you celebrating is a hit with both the ladies and the gentlemen. If you focus too much on one you will end up pushing the others to the side. Making them feel more like a third wheel than an active member of the party.

Here are a couple of areas you should focus on when it comes to making sure everyone feels like they are a part of the baby shower.

  • Make the couple the center of attention. If you don’t you stand the risk of making it into a generic party without a theme. The theme of a coed party should always be the expectant parents.
  • Make sure that you include actives for both the women that traditionally attend and the men that are there for the first time. This means that you should avoid games like “whats in your purse” and similar things that exclude half of you guests.
  • Plan a fun but balanced day. If you intend to break things up between men’s activities and those for the female guests you should make sure that they are balanced. This fair weighting will help make the day a hit.

Make it a gender reveal shower. One way to tie the idea of a coed baby shower together with the shower itself is to make it a gender reveal shower. This has the potential to really make the things exciting as the whole day takes on an air of unveiling. While at the same time allowing you to decorate with “mixed” genders being the focus.

There are many ways to do the couples baby shower right. And a few ways that might turn out wrong. But when you focus on these couple of different aspects you have a much smaller risk of getting caught off guard when it comes to actual shower.